⋅ L E A R N I N G  H O U S E ⋅

Learning House (Tree of Life)

rainbow stairs tree of life pillow room incarnelian yellow aquamarine the way gold room indigo room rubedo door jade

During the last days of my wife Lesa’s life (in August of 2011) I dreamt that I woke up in a room—a bedroom probably—and I knew that Lesa was gone. I noticed that the floor was a hardwood floor. I followed the boards with my eyes across the room to an open doorway and saw that the floor extended into at least two more rooms. These rooms, this area of the house, were new [I just mistakenly typed “now” as I am writing this page] to me, they weren’t “there” before.

At this writing, seven years have passed since that dream. The idea of new rooms to explore has recurred in my dreaming and imagining, and on June 19, 2015, I sat down and sketched the Learning House and the landscape surrounding it. (This was anticipated when on September 4, 2013 I dreamt I saw diagrams of houses, like blueprints, but multicolored, on white paper.) At that time there were three “empty” rooms. Now, three years later, what each of those rooms holds has come into view, and I completed the drawing to the left. You can click on each of the rooms and visit a page specifically about that room. To return to this page you can click on the main image of the individual room page.

Certain orange colors, the colors in Rothko’s No. 210/No. 211(Orange) for example, were the starting point for the new contents and evetually led me to add the Incarnelian Room to the original sketch. I soon recognized that I had already been in the white room at the end of the hallway, and I drew this picture so I could include the tree of life imagery. It took a few days for the identity of the final room to occur to me, and for that I went back to what I think of as the the ur-room, the room that had been Lesa’s especially, the Pillow Room.

The “Learning House” section of Dreaming The Mandala Cafe contains the poems I’ve written concerning these rooms. And a little history of the house can be found here.